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Intention Letter with OpenSpace Foundation

It is to our great pleasure to inform you, that on December 3th, 2018, Near Space Technologies and OpenSpace Foundation officially signed an intention letter that begins negotiations between our organisations. OpenSpace Foundation leads the first ever Polish amateur CubeSat project.

OpenSat project leads by the foundation is a low-cost 1U (10x10x10 cm) CubeSat satellite. Despite small dimensions of the device, the team want to test innovative solutions such as new perovskites solar panels developed by polish company Saule Technologies based in Wroclaw, Poland. OpenSat is the first-ever space satellite project led by amateurs in Poland. The OpenSat consists of young and ambitious people. Despite their young age they already have great successes and experience in near-space endeavours and space projects. The leader of the group is Karol Wojsław, the president and founder of OpenSpace Foundation, as well as an editor at

On December 3th, 2018, Near Space Technologies and OpenSpace Foundation has signed an intention letter which begins our negotiations on providing the Foundation with certain services:

  • Testing electronics supplies of the satellite in the simulated space environment using the infrastructure developed in cooperation with the Foundation, which will be a subject of separate agreements between the organisations;
  • Testing engineering models of the satellite in the environment close to expected to this during the spaceflight, including stratospheric flights of prototypes onboard sounding rockets and stratospheric platforms;
  • Manufacturing of mechanical structure for OpenSat satellite both for engineering models as well as flight unit. 

We are proud of the opportunity to support that ambitious endeavour and would like to thank the OpenSpace Foundation for their trust in our company. In the upcoming weeks, we are going to work on details of the partnership to provide a solid offer that satisfies the expectations of our client.