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Near Space Technologies at The Day of Lubuskie Voivodeship

On June 23th, 2018 Lubuskie Voivodeship hosted The Day of Lubuskie Voivodeship in Zielona Góra, Poland. This event was partially focused on polish space sector due to investments proposed by Zielona Góra City. Near Space Technologies took part in the exhibition together with our partners – Spartaqs Ltd, Space Forest Ltd and Polish Rocketry Association. On the exhibition part, we have been presenting our STREGA  supersonic rocket which reached the apogee of 4800 meters at Mach 1,65 in April 2015. We also presented the prototype of our new filament winder along with model rocketry parts available in our store.

At the event, The City of Zielona Góra organised space focused seminar “Space Regions in the European Economy” where the idea of building Space Technologies Park was presented. Our company expressed its interest in cooperating with this organisation in the field of industrial research and certifying our products for space industry. The seminar also covered law matters that need to be changed in regards to the further development of rocket technologies in Poland.