Our company offers a wide range of composites manufactured for special orders. Thanks to close cooperation with our clients, we manufacture details for their specific needs.

Near Space Technologies has developed an advanced filament winder for manufacturing high quality, ultra-light details for research rockets. This machine allows us to make various shapes out of carbon or glass fibre and set up the production to achieve the desired strength of the final products at the lowest weight.

The production process is composed of two main parts. First, the carbon or glass tow is being wound on a mandrel (or a liner). To control the physical properties of the final product, we set up different winding angles and use a variety of professional resins. After winding process, the products are being cured in a special oven at high temperatures to gain full strength and temperature resistance.

We specialise in making airframes (tubes), nose cones and tail cones for research rockets. Most of our products have a temperature resistivity of 110 Celsius degrees. For special orders, we can manufacture parts with the TG of 185 Celsius degrees.

Maximum dimensions of filament wound products:
Mandrel length: 300 [cm]
Mandrel diameter: 50 [cm]

Moreover, Near Space Technologies offers composite structures made by using vacuum bagging and infusion methods. We design and make moulds and details out of glass and carbon fibre.

We also make plates out of glass or carbon fibre, as well as sandwich composites. Thanks to CNC machines we can make parts such as rocket fins, internal structure or UAVs parts out of our composite materials.

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