About us

Near Space Technologies is an aerospace company focused on cheap and reliable solutions for near space projects. Throughout past years, yet before the company was created, we have gained extensive knowledge and experience in model rocketry, high power experimental rockets, and high-altitude missions as well. We know a lot of kind of problems every passionate of amateur astronautics may have and we are here to help you by offering our high-end products and services at affordable prices. We want the space to be open for everyone!


Intention Letter with OpenSpace Foundation
It is to our great pleasure to inform you, that on December 3th, 2018, Near Space Technologies and OpenSpace Foundation
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Partnership with PoliWRocket Team
We are thrilled to inform you that Near Space Technologies is now supporting an amazing team of aerospace students from
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Near Space Technologies at The Day of Lubuskie Voivodeship
On June 23th, 2018 Lubuskie Voivodeship hosted The Day of Lubuskie Voivodeship in Zielona Góra, Poland. This event was partially
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Partnership with Spartaqs Ltd
We are thrilled to inform you that in the end of March 2018, Near Space Technologies began its partnership with
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Wind tunnel tests of Rocketmania parachutes
Today, 25th January 2018 our Rocketmania 60 and 100 cm parachutes have been tested in the wind tunnel. The tests
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Rocketmania logo
Model rocketry with Rocketmania!
We are happy to inform you, that Near Space Technologies is now officially cooperating with Rocketmania! Together with our polish
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