Near Space Projects

Near Space Technologiess offers a wide range of products and services for micro applications in aerospace industry. Our services cover:

  • Designing, manufacturing and testing research rockets and rocket propulsion
  • Designing and realising high-altitude missions
  • Designing and realising research rocket missions
  • Testing experiments on research rockets up to altitude of 15 km
  • Consulting and helping in amateur near space endeavours

Apart from the products available in our online store, we also offer:

  • Composites manufaturing, including:
    • filament winding of tubes / airframes, nosecones and other parts made of glass or carbon fibre
    • rocket fins and internal structures CNC cutted of glass or carbon plates
    • other parts and elements made of sandwitch composites
  • Parachutes and recovery systems for payloads and research rockets made for individual order
  • Ready-to-go research rockets for CanSat payloads
  • Ready-to-go research rockets with large payload compartment for advanced and heavy experiments
  • Flight computers and other avionics for high-altitude missions and research rockets, including payload bays with preinstalled tracking systems for high-altitude missions.


We approach every project individually and work closely with clients to work out the best, safest and cost effective solutions. By using our services you can be sure that your project will be carried out in the most proffesional way. Near Space Technologies offers the lowest prices at the best quality.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for specific information.